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Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to start your Business


If I had……………………………………, I would have been a successful entrepreneur

The blank in the title is not a printing error; it is an expression of disappointment and disgust from a large number of people who have not made it as a successful entrepreneur. I have interacted with 5000 startups, professionals and students, of all age and if there is I thing that’s make a difference between a successful and an average company. It’s the never-say die of the entrepreneur.

So what are the things people usually need to fill the blanks?

  • Money
  • Team
  • Office, infrastructures and miscellaneous items





If I had money, I would have grown much faster, but investors do not support my idea-this has been the most frequent complaints as well as reason I have come across. When I ask them, “How many investor have you met and how many banks have you applied for bank loan?” the answer is usually 0! Money does not make a business successful, but it is definitely a very important part of business. So if you feel the need of money, reach out the investor, make a good business plan, and polish your pitch. Reach out of people who believe your idea, and are willing to back you even with a small amount-1-2 lakhs is as important as 1-2 crores. Do not forget that the most important source of cash in your customer- make him happy.




I recently met an excited young man. Who was little disturbed as his venture was going nowhere. I asked him why, and this is what told me, “if only I could clone myself- I need someone as energetic and passionate as I am,” Wow-you should thank your parents for your birth but can not go back to them to give you another brother or sister like you! Go out, network, meet people, take part in exhibitions, attend business plane competitions, share your vision with friends and ask for acquaintances, post your requirements in Linkedin, or tie up with someone who can do some part of your job-but keep moving. There are few people who also doubt their own abilities. Like finance, marketing etc. for them. I advise them to start working on these areas, and learn the art of selling financial review with CA friend etc. and keep learning regular.

Office, infrastructures and miscellaneous items

I call these the ‘hygiene factors’-the just add to the comfort level of an entrepreneur in their ventures -but do not any real value to customers. Neither does their absence lead to any real issues. Remember, some of the great companies were started in garage- Apple, Hp, Microsoft. Even Facebook, the biggest sensation of internet world, was started in a hostel room. So keep an eye on the big picture without under complaints about what you do not have. It is the pride of creating a solution that the world will use happily, that make a successful entrepreneur- so get down and start up.,

Dear readers a really humble thanks for appreciating me. I always care of my followers. for better understanding or entrepreneur let see these article also

Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to start a mobile app Business venture!

mobile phone app
Dear readers this article is a splendor way for the newbie individuals, especially who wish to start their own mobile app venture or app business. It’s very simple to start but before you go to start an app business please go through my all previous and latest article related to entrepreneur.
As you well known, world is going mobile! Nearly 85 % of people are using mobile connections world wide. Very frequently new applications are driving the usages and growth of mobiles, which is no longer a talking device-it, is a digital camera, a clock, a radio and it is the next handy computer and many more things! And day by day it is giving birth to new words like ‘appification’, ‘appnomy’ etc. which show the interest in the general public and media. It also gives aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to come out with new applications and ways to solve customer problems using mobiles. So let us learn the five basics of how to start a mobile app business venture;

step-1 What does it take?

To create an personnel app, you need to have an interesting idea. It can be based on customer support. For example, phone book app has remained the same for last 27 years- with little innovation. Here a question arises,Is there a way in which phone books app can be improved gently to give more relevant information about your friends and relatives?

step-2 Well Understanding,Fine distribution and innovative sales channels

Friends there are lot of apps available in market regarding to each useful category,even any app can be downloaded using app stores like Ovi or Nokia app store. Start-ups can also tie up with operators like Vodafone and share revenues generated from customers. Content aggregators like Onward Mobility also play a part in bringing apps to customers via their extensive relationships. Original equipment manufacturers (example Nokia, Samsung and Micromax,),  can also be tied up for pre-embedding your apps with their handsets. So you have to know other innovative ways to sell your personnel apps, which may include Companies like Onward Mobility based world wide. It sells apps via a retail channel of shopkeepers or app contractor!

step-3 Modern Technology options

mobile app
Do you know there are various modern platforms to develop your personnel apps, including Android, Symbian/QT, J2ME, Bada, Windows etc. Each has got its merits and demerits, which could include ease of learning the programming languages, availability of latest hardware/software support for testing apps, or porting from one to another platform. So it is also very essential to know you , It is also important that the team has basic understanding of programming languages like Java, C and C++.

step-4 Mass app or Class app?

If you got an aggregate idea about existing apps world wide, Even there are millions of apps existing (productivity app like time management, entertainment apps for music etc. and can be categorized more over more) it becomes difficult to choose for an entrepreneur what to do.
As a start-up of your own personnel app venture , you have need to focus these points.
  • Do you want to build a modern mass app or a modern class app?
  • On what kind of consumers you are targeting?
Some multinational companies build an app a day, while others take years to build it, to which consumers and investors react well. For example, Apalya Technologies, Hyderabad India, has built an app that allows you to watch live TV on your Smartphone or  mobile itself!

step-5 Latest Marketing strategy

How to promote your personnel app in saturated app market world wide. Infect every day companies launch latest app in market
There is various ways to marketing your app- Digital media like internet (Google, Facebook, yahoo, google+) and other media like bulk SMS marketing are good platforms to promote your app. You can also generate good leads PR if you make a great app,— journalists like it enough to write it..
Mobile Developer Forums are also a innovated way to connect and spread the messages. Also, apps can be copyrighted, so don’t worry about app-theft! for batter understanding how to market your app?
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to start an internet venture?

internet marketing
Dear readers’ this article is especially for the individuals, who wish to start their own internet venture. Right now you should know the basic strategy of internet venture. With more and more newbie having access to computers and internet, there are increasing opportunities to start an internet venture. While the cost of starting have come down. It is important to keep some of the basics in the mind before plunging in to internet entrepreneurship.
For better understanding of entrepreneurship read this article.
· Who is my customer?
There are 10+ crore newbie’s in India who have access to internet, but not all of them are your customers, it becomes important to identify, classify and focus on your customer and accordingly model your business around it. The design of your website, language (English, Hindi, Urdu etc), usability your business. Customers can be individuals or even other businesses (e.g. Indiamart). Try to visualize how your customer will use your website and what problem will it solve for them.
· What is the revenue model?

Most common assumption in starting a website business is that you will start earning advertising money as soon as your website is up. However, attracting advertisers requires you to attract customers first – and that is what you should work from starting itself. Revenue model can include product sales ( for example Flipkart), led generation (lxigo), merchandising ( Myntra), listing fees (JustDial) etc. you may also decide to have the website as a showcase of your products or services, and not sell things online (corporate websites) or use it to build a brand to conduct events etc. offline.
· Create it!
It takes 500-1000 Rs approximately to buy the website name and another 500-1000 Rs approximately to buy a hosting space for your website. Advance packages may vary and you can also use cloud computing to keep your capital costs low in the beginning. Depending on the complexity of business, number of users, transactions per users etc. you can decide upon the technology to users, transactions per users etc. You can decide upon the technology to use (ranging from .net, java, PHP, mySQL etc.). Basic pages can be created even for free with 2-3 days of practice on Wordpress and advance development can be done by team members or outsourced to developers. If there is product sale through the website, then you also need to look at other aspect of business including product procurement pricing, quality, delivery, payment gateway integration and customer service desk etc.
· Sell it!
Sales is like a bicycle, you have to keep pedaling otherwise you fall down! Once the first usable version of your website is up (also known as beta version), you can start sharing with potential customers and increasing your site visits. Techniques like search engine optimization (SIO), so your business can be found on Google. Link-building, directory submissions etc. can also give you insight on what is working and what is not working. Social media like Facebook, twitter etc can also be used for spreading the word. But remember, there is no advertising as powerful as a satisfied customer who will refer you-so build brand ambassadors out of your customers. for better understanding please these article also
New Age Internet Marketing
Why is entrepreneurship growing now?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best Athletes Diet Plan

How Much Carbohydrate is Needed?

Do you know? How much different is an athlete’s diet from any other normal person’s eating habits? How to enhance athletic performance? What is the best diet for an Athlete? Perhaps these questions race through your minds while watching athletes potentially dashing across playing fields or TV shots—be it track events, soccer, football, basketball, cricket, racing, hockey, weightlifting or swimming. Let’s consider a look at how much and how many carbohydrates (A form of energy) an athlete needs to include in the diet every day to stay on top form for peak performance.
Based on scientific research, a healthy adult athlete requires 5 to 7g of carbohydrate per kilogram body weight, while a normal individual requires 7 to 10g of carbohydrate per kg body weight and each gram of carbohydrate produces only 4 units of calories (energy). Such a huge amount of carbohydrate is required by an athlete because it promotes several basic roles in the body such as providing energy for regular working muscles, to the central nervous system (Brain), enhancing the metabolism of fat for production of energy and preventing protein from being utilized for calories (energy). These functions are directly proportional to the top performance of a health athlete.
food sources of Carbohydrates such as grains, fresh fruits, milk and its products. Fresh vegetables contain a very small amount of carbohydrates. Just after digestion carbohydrates enter the blood stream in the form of glucose (energy) and glucose that is not utilized through body, is stored in the form of glycogen in the muscular tissues and liver. During exercise or hard work the blood glucose is utilized first and then only next the glycogen stores are tapped into.
Glucose is the exclusive energy compound for the central nervous system because it fuels our nerve cells. Dizziness, weakness, physical and mental fatigue are experienced when there is a lack of carbohydrate during exercise or hard work because of the low levels of glucose (energy).
However, your body can store only 2000 calories worth of glucose (body fuel) in the form of glycogen and this is the only reason why carbohydrate is known as the limiting fuel in physical performance.
Simple carbohydrates in the diet are for examples of food containing simple sugars are candy, soda, sugar and milk.
Complex carbohydrates in the diet take much longer to be digested in the body, for examples of complex carbohydrates are bread, pasta, grains, grams, fresh fruits and vegetables. The fiber components in these foods are what cause very slow digestion.
How much Carbohydrate is needed Pre, during and Post Workout?
Carbohydrate needs for an individual vary for different sports. An endurance event will need more energy than a short duration event. Type of carbohydrate to be given can be determined by its glycemic index.

What is Glycemic Index (GI)? Low GI Multigrain breads, brown rice, egg, fish, meat, chicken, prunes, figs, milk, most fruits and vegetables except potato, watermelon, grapes
Medium GI Whole wheat, sweet potato
High GI Sugar, chocolate, rice flakes, rice, white rice, potatoes, white bread
Recent Trends in Carbohydrate Requirements for Physical Activity
No doubt that carbohydrates are an essential source of energy for an healthy athlete to perform peak well. There is evidence of the benefits of carbohydrates on exercise (or hard work) lasting longer than 90 minutes. However, some studies and researches have also proved good performance in endurance activity after adapting to a low carbohydrate diet. But if it is a very short duration intense exercise like sprinting, studies and recent researches have shown that performance suffered on a low carbohydrate diet.
Recent studies and researches proved, when planning a diet for an healthy athlete, carbohydrates should be moderated whether in the form of food or sports drinks based on the 5-7g/kg body weight or 7-10g/ kg body weight requirement for adults or the 6-9 g/kg body weight for healthy male children and 3-5.5 g/kg body weight for healthy female children.
It has been proved that carbohydrates provide energy (calories) for day to day activities and also for exercise. You will find a wide range of carbohydrate foods to choose from, depending on the healthy athlete’s needs. While making food choices fiber content, glycemic index, type of sugar and time of consumption must be taken into consideration for the best results on the field.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Why is entrepreneurship growing now?

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India has always been a nation of entrepreneurs- there are more than tow crore Indians who run their own business, whether in cities or in villages. But what is interesting to note is that entrepreneurship is no longer the last choice of India’s youth- it is quickly taking a pride position among other choice like Engineer, Doctor, and Manager.50% of India’s population is below 25 years of age. The county’s GDP is growing by>8% after years of 2% growth rates, with nearly half of GDP contribution coming from entrepreneurs. The government, society, colleges and media have started to recognize that is going to make a difference. The other factors include access to internet and telecom, success of Indian entrepreneurs globally and ease of starting a business in new industries like mobile, education and healthcare.
What is the future of entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is her to stay, survive and thrive-and all of us can be enablers in this revolution. Let us give our youth 1 year to prove themselves and we will see the real India rising. Our future heroes will be social entrepreneurs, agri-entrepreneurs, defense entrepreneurs, and many more

How is it different from being an employee?

The employee’s attitude is “can I” –can I do this, can I go there, can I modify company policies, can I launch a new product, and can I explore new markets? Even our small children are taught to ask in school, “can I go to toilet?’-why should a kid suffer pressures in the name of good manners! The entrepreneur’s attitude is “I CAN”-I can do this I can go there, I can launch product, I can explore new markets! This “I CAN” attitude is what we should teach our kids so they grown up to Tatas, Ambanis and Murthys.
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Entrepreneurship in India’s 21st century
In over 60 years of the India’s independence, we have witnessed a gradual transition in society. The 20th century heroes were India’s soldiers and farmers- the ones who protect and the ones who feed! With India’s growing supremacy on the global stages in 21st century. It is the era of an ENTERPRENURE. It is the entrepreneur in the shape of a Narayan Murthy who brings smiles to families of lakes of Indians, in the body of Rattan Tata who makes a Nano to make travel simple, in the size of a kishore Biyani who brings Big Bazaar for families to by stuff of their choice or the color of an Ambani who changes industry. Let us explore the basics of entrepreneur.
What is entrepreneurship?
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Entrepreneurship  is a state of mind- it is not a profession, it is not a business! it is about generating ideas, identifying an opportunity, creating solutions and reaching to customer. It is about creating a difference rather than creating products. When Narayan Murthy decided to start Infosys, he did not to do it to create good software-it was to create the software industry. The first step towards entrepreneurship is to realize and identify your inner potential and strive to achieve it.

Types of cupping therapy

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There are various type of cupping therapy, including
Dry cupping (suction only)
Wet cupping (combination of suction and controlled medicinal bleeding)
During both types of cupping, a flammable substance such as alcohol, herbs, or paper is placed in a cup and set on fire. As the fire goes out, the cup is placed upside down on the patient’s skin.
As the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum. The causes the skin to rise and redden as blood vessel expands. The cup is generally left in palace for 5 to 10 minutes.
A more modern version of cupping uses a rubber pump to create the vacuum inside the cup. Sometimes practitioners use medical-grade silicone cups. These are pliable enough to be moved from place to place on the skin and produce a message-like effect.
During wet cupping, a mild suction is created using a cup that is left in place for about three minutes. The practitioner then removes the cup and uses a small scalpel to make superficial skin incision. Then he or she performs a second suction to draw out a small quantity of blood.
After the procedure, the site may be covered with an antibiotic ointment and bandage to prevent infection. The skin’s appearance generally returns to normal with in 10 days.
Cupping therapy support believes that wet cupping removes harmful substances and toxins from the body to promote healing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Age Internet Marketing

internet marketing

you ask any Marketing Manager what are the way to market your brand to consumers,and he or she will reply social media like Facebook is in fashion.
Every college I go nowadays, students have an account in Facebook (though it is banned in most of the campuses!).Social media is one of the several new age marketing paradigms. Let’s look at important tools.
1. YouTube
‘Why this Kolaveri di’ became a phenomenal success due to their campaign on YouTube. This is a highly engaging platform for you, which you could use for putting product demos, employee interviews, office walkthrough etc to create a positive image for your startup.
2. Slideshare
You can make interesting corporate presentation and upload it on slideshare, one of the most popular sharing tools recently brought by LinkedIn.
3. Twitter
Whether it is personal life or corporate updates, Twitter is the go to destination. You can also make your message viral and trend it worldwide by using intelligent hash tags. It is also an important tool for getting direct feedback from your consumers-not only selling but also market research.
4. Scribd
This is a website for documents sharing, so you can access and share word files, project docs, important whitepapers, product features for your team and consumer.
5. Linkedin
Linkedin is undoubtedly the leading site for professional looking for business and contacts.
6. Gotomeeting
At Herbalmaza, we do lot of webinar sessions of student all across the world. And Gotomeeting is a screen-sharing virtual meeting tool which can be accessed from internet anywhere. So without traveling, out messages reaches out to our potential consumers. You can use it too for your business.
7. OnlinePR
There are 100s of free PR websites where you can upload press release and journalists will pick it up.
So all the best for you new age marketing.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Applications and uses of Cupping Therapy

How does Cupping Works???????????????
cupping applicatioons
Cupping therapy is used to maintain and promote general health. It is also an effective therapy for a number of disease including musculo-skeletal and skin diseases. It is indicated a variety of problems ranging from arthritis, gout, sciatica, migraine.oily skin, itching, dermatitis, alopecia, allergy, pain and colic, inflammatory conditions and varicose veins. It acts as follows.
cupping app 2
  • Cleansing the body from morbid substances.
  • Causing imaala (diversion) of morbid humors from one part to other.
  • Increasing the blood supply of the effected parts of oxygen perfusion.
  • Resolving the inflammations
  • Decreasing the blood viscosity
  • Increasing absorption of essential substances.
Method of Application
cupps cupping
The first tool for cupping was animal horn. These horns were placed on specific body parts at the time back, abdomen, thighs or legs. Now a day, vacuum is created by using a specially designed made of glass in different sizes, which is applied for a period from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the severity of disease. Oils and some other lubricants may be used on the skin before positioning of the cups. In wet cupping, a very small incision using a sharp knife is given on the affected parts taking into consideration of all aseptic conditions.
Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction. The cups can made of variety of materials, including
  • Glass
  • Bamboo
  • Earthenware
Supporters of cupping therapy believe the suction of the cups mobilizes blood flow to promote the healing of a broad range of medical ailments.

Cupping therapy or Muhajjam

What does mean Cupping??????
Cupping (Hijamas) Arabic word which means sucking. It is a classical method of treatment that has been used in the prevention and management of different disease in different parts of the world since times immemorial.
Cupping is a therapy in which cups are applied on the surface of skin and a vacuum is created through suction. Cupping therapy is carried out in order to remove or divert the morbid substances from the tissue. It improves the blood circulation and draws the healing force to the diseased body part. Various indications of cupping therapy have been mentioned in Unani literature. Several scientific trials have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy and found effective. Cupping therapy can be divided into two broad categories.
This type of cupping is done without blood-letting with the objective to divert the morbid matter from one part of the body to other.
dry cupping
In this type of cupping, a sharp nick is given over the skin surface for blood-letting, thereafter a cup is applied with the objective to evacuate the morbid matter from the disease part.
twe cupping
For further details regarding Cupping therapy let see my new article.