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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Business Idea and trends for Student Entrepreneurs


Over less two months, I have visited more than 50 colleges training over 5000 students on generating idea and converting those ideas into business. There are some very interesting statistics that have emerged in that process, and some basic trends that I wish to highlight here:

• 60% students want to start a website related venture With the emergence of Facebook, Google etc. we have seen a lot of interest among students to start a website related business. The idea include plain vanilla ecommerce (selling products and services online), information website for new students coming to city/college, exchange for posting/listing services required for students, online counseling/consulting/training/placement service, and even odd ones like online obituary service. However, the awareness level among most students about what goes at the backend of starting a website or internet venture is very low. They are more aware of the front – end (looks/user interface etc.) but less aware of back end like server side programming, offline processes (vendor/supply issues), marketing of online businesses etc. which are as important. Whether as students or businessmen, we need to understand that the entrepreneur has 2 critical functions – I. create and 2. Sell, and both these functions have to be completed for achieving success in business.

• 20%-25% ideas are related to food/restaurant/hotels/canteens Indian are food lovers. And the same goes for student across all Indian colleges. When we ask them what business you to start, restaurant comes as an idea in almost all the cases. Various of these ideas are doing the rounds – packaged food, cooked magi, juices, night canteen, highway dhaba, rotating restaurant etc. One interesting idea was of a student who wants to start a restaurant in the middle of a lake in Bhopal – a submerged restaurant! Another student from Rohtak wants to have automated restaurants where robots will take orders and do delivery of foods! Very interesting ideas in my opinion, and given the right opportunity, they have the potential to make a mark in the food industry of India and also go global. However, this needs a better understanding of the other aspects that make a restaurant a success – location, ambience, chef, raw material procurement, licenses etc.

• Manufacturing is rare/missing from a students’ radar Students think of businesses that they are either consuming or they can relate to directly. Unfortunately, manufacturing sector is not seen as having opportunity for students to even think of. It can be owing to various stories they have heard or seen on media, or lack of exposure or even the challenge of setting up a physical infrastructure (cost, time, labor) compared to a virtual business like website or mobile applications venture.

• Lack of ideas with global audience One thing that hurts me that most students do not think about global business. They want to do business in their city, for their college or with their friends but do not think about an idea that can have customers all across the world. This may need some exposure, traveling or interaction with international students, which all change their mindset. I wish 1000 student entrepreneurs get born and generate 20000 jobs soon.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trends in Entrepreneurship

Trends in Entrepreneurship 1

Since starting Nurture Talent Academy 2 years back, I have been totally immersed in the entrepreneurial eco-system –involving startups, students, government, incubators, investors, and media. The entrepreneurship wave is picking up momentum. Let us see what kind of trends are emerging in entrepreneurship in India

1. Focus on technology enabled businesses

Out of 100 students I meet , almost 70-80% wish to start a technology business – whether it is a website, mobile app or software development. T he reasons may include ease of starting this kind of business, low capital requirements (compared to manufacturing), knowledge and experience of this sector etc. This trend is going to have a large scale impact on Indian economy and gives way to opportunities as well as challenges.

2. Increase in events

There are many formal and informal forums connecting entrepreneurs that have started in last year that were there earlier. More and more events are happening with increasing frequency.

The interactions among entrepreneurs and investors are no longer an of various stakeholders in these events. Many online events’ have also started via various internet webinars and mobile conferences!

3. Rise of angel investments and venture capital

10 years ago, there were 2 investors groups of angel investors each having 25-50 members –today there

Are 10+ groups each having over 100 members as angel investors. Numerous venture capital investors have also started operations in India, and started looking at early stage entrepreneurs as a viable investment choice. There is need for more awareness about these funding sources for businesses.

4. Incubators growth

If you have an idea but no office and infrastructure. There are various incubators that have started –either supported by government or even private incubators. With increased focus on certain sectors and specialization, they are sure to do well in the future and have more and more companies benefit. Many colleges have also announced plans to set up incubators , which is a differentiator for them to attract more students and also more industry placements .

5. Business Plan events

Every college of good reputation , progressive management and enthusiastic students nowadays organizes an annual business plan event –where they encourage students and professionals to participate with their business plans. IITS even have more than 2 business plan competition and encourage social ventures along with the for –profit ventures. By organizing business plan events , the host college gets good recognition in the industry as well as their students get a first-hand experience of things like marketing, event management, managing logistics etc. Taking part in business plan competitions also helps students to get acquainted with relevant life skills.

Apart from these trends, there are more areas that need a greater participation – like more professional training and mentoring companies, international tie-ups and study tours, which can further support and boost the entrepreneurial eco-system in India and make it the ‘Startup Nation’.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Five best tips to test your business idea


What is an entrepreneur  without his or her business idea?

We can consider among the several issues regarding an entrepreneur faces, today’s in 14th  century  the biggest challenge is to bring an idea to shape – by bringing around consumers, team members, suppliers and financiers together. So what should a person do once he has got a business idea? Let review in brief.

1- Write it down your business idea

A business idea in your mind might be consider like a newbie inside the mother’s womb.  In fact nobody knows about it as nobody can touch it and appreciate its beauty unless it comes out. Here you need to nurture the idea like your unborn baby – give it regular times and proper caring to let it take a good shape. Here I am 100% sure but instead of 9 months, 3 months is a good time for an idea. Always make sure you write it down, and limit your document to 1-2 pages instead of 100 pages of detailed business plans. 100 days is good times – more than this and you can get delayed, and less than this and you can get quick. It is also good sufficient to give notice to your employer and do a handover of your job responsibilities!

2- Get together the customers

If you want to categorize the customer needs, then you have to make him/her your boyfriend/girlfriend! Spending time with your customers, observing their current lifestyles, and generating insights from that is a key entrepreneurial quality. Once you get an idea, take it out in whatever shape and size to potential customers – let them around with the trial product, give their response, speak good or bad things about what you are showcasing.

3- Deal with it to competitors

The best community to tell you if things work or not are your current competitors – and you will be amazed to know how open people are to share their insights. Whether it is due to sense of self or due to modesty, people are happy to treat newcomer with respect and share important input, which may help avoid costly mistakes while doing your business.

4- Select a team leading member

If you can get 1-2 community to partner with you in your own venture for taking your idea well forward, you can easily beat the human race. The first few associates and team members make a company great – glance at examples of Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. –all of them had great co-founders who came together and wedged together.

5- Always look for a adviser

For easy understanding consider an example, mentoring is like a shri Krishna – Arjun relationship – here Krishna mentors Arjun in Mahabharata and we all know what the final results were. And answer is definitely targeted. It will be good for you to take your idea to mentors and seek their guidance. They will also help you expand or modify ideas based on current market necessities, without changing the core offering – you may also discover a new market or new revenues with the same business idea.

So if you have a business idea, which you have been encouragement and dreaming about for the last few months or years, take the 100 day test and carry it life – you have only I life, so do the best of it and accomplish your dreams.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


busniss plane

When a businessman starts a company, he or she wastes hours to get his business plan right.. And them there are several who have made it big without even bothering to write a business plan / here l will like to stress that business planning is essential and business plan is just a outcome The more prepared and planned you are the better chances of success .so let us understand the key ingredients of business planning;


When you want to start a venture, it will be like darkness to a child. You have the fear of the unknown, and uncertainty about what will happen. The best way to overcome this is to do a research on your idea – and the best way to do research is not Google or hiring survey filling agents’ it is best done by spending time with your potential customers, viewing them, interviewing the, speaking to experts and taking notes (on a writing pad or on iPad – does not matter).


In simple words, a business plan is English + Mathematics – you put your strategies in words, and base them on certain numbers. At every step of writing a business plan, you have to take assumptions – because you are predicting the future of your business, so make sure you keep validation those assumptions. For example, if you assume 10 colleges will use your product, then speak to at least 100 principals and try to get a written order from 10of them! The results will help you proceed in the right direction.


Once you have the basic research and validation done, then it is a matter of converting them into the right representative numbers, words and figures. You can use various templates, ppts, excel software’s etc. Available on internet or also provided by various banks for load applications or venture capitalists as investment applications. Start filling in the details and keep improving continuously. It is like writing movie script or software design document – try to break the big problem into smaller ones; for example, finance plan can be made separately as revenue plan, expenses plan and then integrated.


Business plan will be a wasteful document if you do not summarize the key action points and next steps. If you are presenting to investors then next steps could be raising finance hiring team, increasing advertising spends , building new product versions etc. And do remember to take a look at the key metrics as per your business plan – these could include sales performance, reduction of bugs in your software etc. Typically, you should not spend more than a month to prepare a basic draft of your business plan , and once ready, take a look at it least once a month to see the areas of improvement. You can take further inputs from your team members and mentors to improve your plans. Finally, there is no better judge for your business than yourself!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to Start a social venture

social venture

Here in this social venture article, I am going to discuss some essential steps before preceding a social venture. Social ventures are those businesses where social impact is the right key result, and profits or market share become the secondary objective, so let’s look at the brief steps to start a social venture.

1. Choose a foundation


Look around yourself and you shall find a number of various causes you can work for and impact lives positively. It can be microfinance like SKS or Svasti, educational trusts (numerous schools/colleges), healthcare like Swasth India or a public sanitation like Sulabh International. The aim is to identify a problem and come up with an innovative solution to the same. The basic principles of a capitalist business can also be applied here, for example keeping costs under control, focus on customer service, keeping your volunteers/employees happy!

2. Finance for social ventures


The world’s richest people are devoted to social causes, and there is more money being invested in social ventures than in capitalist businesses. The names include Bill Gates, Warren Buffett (via Gates Foundation), Michael Dell (via MSDF Foundation) and others. There are other social venture capital funds which have started including Acumen Fund, that look at social impact in addition to financial results. The other ways to raise funds for your social venture could be tap to CSR – corporate social responsibility budgets of large corporate. Various fund-raising events can also be conducted within your community or society to raise funds regularly (remembers how enthusiastically we used to conduct exhibitions in our school days and sold 10 Rs raffle tickets!). But it is important that investors look for sound management, regular reporting and maximum allocation of funds to the cause rather than operational expenses to maintain the organization. So do not make strategies for impacting a poor villager by holding meetings in a 5 star hotel.

3. Legal issues

legal issues

The social ventures can be registered like any other business as a private limited concern, or in other ways as a society, trust or Section 25 organization. Make sure you got all your paper work (PAN, address proof etc.) in Place before applying for registration. The cost is low but it takes patience and multiple visits to local government bodies before you get an approval. Section 80G for income tax exemption can be taken for saving your taxes, which will further enhance our longevity.

4. Marketing


For a venture with a social cause, traditional marketing techniques like TV, print etc. may not work. It requires a highly involved people to people interaction, education and awareness programs, building relationships with existing partners in the ecosystem (like Gram Panchayats in a village, Rotary Club in cities etc.). You can also be shameless while asking media asking media or corporate to contribute to your cause, but do not be a beggar - sell them the idea and they will respect you! 5. Sustainability Most social ventures or NGOs fail to sustain or scale due to lack of funds, slow response to change from consumers side, mismanagement of operations etc. so try not to fall into these traps. Social ventures need to build sustainability, so ensure events, royalty through research reports, volunteers contribution etc. I believe every venture is a social venture, whether you make profits or not, so try to create as much of social impact and make difference to the society.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Herbal hair conditioner

Dear readers’ do you know why you have  need of herbal hair conditioner for your hair care?

Herbal conditioner nourish you hair root and makes your hair strong and healthy day by day. That’s why it is essential to take care of your hairs using herbal home made conditioner. Here in this article i am discussing eight best home made herbal conditioner tips.

Try this homemade formula and share the results of this with other. Let understand step by step!


Tip 1:

Major Ingredients

Take all these ingredients in required amount.

1-cup Henna powder

½-cup Yogurt

1 tspn Coffee powder

1 Egg

henna yogcard

Egg (1) Grounded coffee powder india

Mix well all these ingredients together. Keep in an iron pot or vessel for at least 12 hours. Apply generously and leave for 1-1/2 hour. After all Wash well.

Tip 2:

Major Ingredients

1 tspn fenugreek seeds




Soak 1 tspn fenugreek seeds for 6-8 hours. Crush to a fine paste. Rub into your scalp and hair root and leave for 1 hour. After all Wash well

Tip 3:

Major Ingredients

whey Leave (required amount)


Rub your scalp with 1 cup of whey Leave for ½ an hour Rinse with fresh and cold water.

Tip 4:

Major Ingredients

2 tspns Vinegar



For a final rinse of your hairs after wash, add 2 tspns Vinegar to 1 mug of water.

Tip 5:

Major Ingredients


lime juice

Add 1 tspn of limejuice to 1 mug of water. it better to apply at your scalp. It has best result for treating dandruff.

Tip 6:

Major Ingredients



Rinse your hairs with flat Beer.

Tip 7:

Major Ingredients

White egg

white egg

1 Egg white beaten well. Add this to a mug of water. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse again with fresh water.

Tip 8:

Major Ingredients

Spinach leaves


Apply a paste of Spinach leaves before washing. Add life to dull hair. Moreover, feel the charms of your hair.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How To Earn Online, Business Ideas for 2014

When you want to start your online business, it will be like darkness to a child. You have the fear of unknown an uncertainty about what will happen. There has never been a better time in history to start online earnings. Infect Nowadays; there are tools available for building personal websites without the need for any necessary technical knowledge. You will realize that, there are also cost effective methods of advertising that can give you a great return on investment without a huge upfront cost.

onlne business-ideas-in-2014 

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have your own product to sale, You can still build an online business that can help you to earn online without any cost. In this article, I’ll explain five of the top online earning business models for 2014 that anyone can start easily, and can grab profit from quite quickly with little effort.


1. Blogging


    Let start a brief review about blogging.

    What is blogging????

    Share of your knowledge and skills with peoples using your personal website is termed as blogging. It is base of earning of money by using blogging. Then how to start your own blog?

    Starting your own blog is now easier than ever. By utilizing the power of free blogging platforms like WordPress and, you can begin your own blog, publishing posts, sharing news on your interesting topic that you enjoy and gather audience relatively quickly. The key to successful blogging consists of two things: quality of your content containing articles, images, and another is consistency.

    Remember before you start your own blog, you should choose a topic that you actually have command and full enjoy writing about it, if not, you will quickly bore of producing regular content. You can choose your blog name according tom your personal interest.

    Once your own blog has impressive and decent amount of content, now its time to think, how to monetize your blog. When your blog becomes well known globally, you’ll probably find easily that advertisers come to you.


    2. Affiliate Marketing



    You can understand easily in simple words what is Affiliate Marketing.

    Promoting products, developed by others and get some commission on every sale. For example, popular products like diet pills often turn to affiliate marketers to get their product promoted. They pay affiliates around $20-$30 per product sale. They can afford to do this because they make the money back by continuously selling more products to the customer. Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting others products and selling it using your affiliate links. How much money can you make with Affiliate Marketing? Well, there’s no limit as such. You can make easily passive income with affiliate marketing. Your income depends on your wide network and your email list. Moreover, of course on your selection of products to


    3. Google Adsense



    Do you know the bets way to earn money using Google AdSense. A program allows your website to make money from their site by placing ads in their content. Before you even begin your personal website, make sure you've come up with a topic that you feel you know plenty about.  That way it will be easiest to build a lot of content.

    The best thing about Google AdSense is that they handle all of the ads and payments. Your only job as an AdSense publisher is to create quality and consistency of your content that gets more and more traffic. As with affiliate marketing, it’s very easy to combine this type of monetization with blogging or your own website.

    As more quality traffic you attain to your website, the more cash you will build. In fact, some AdSense publishers make up to $700 per day. Best of all, since you accomplish a certain daily earning level, as long as your website keeps getting traffic you keep getting compensated.

    However, as with affiliate marketing, don’t imagine Google AdSense to offer a quick route to prosperous early retirement. You necessitate a LOT of guest visitors to your website to make earn a considerable income, and for that you need a continuous stream of good content.


    4. Freelancing



    Freelancing is an extraordinary way for people with skills in service based industries to show a profit anywhere around the globe. The most common freelance jobs are for content writers, programmers, and graphic designers and many people in these professions now enjoy being digital “nomads” who can work from anywhere.

    Being a freelancer is one of the scratchiest jobs in the world, particularly since it means being your own chief and creating your own hours. However, of course, there are plenty of challenges.

    Whether you’ve already started your freelance voyage or you’re a freelance aspirant, these remarkable tips will help you get on top of your freelancing career and become a master of your own achievement!

    If you have are skilled in one of these areas, you can start your own freelancing business by providing these services to other businesses online.

    • Brand yourself

    • Don’t undersell your skills

    • Be a networker, not a loner

    • Get organized

    • Ask for testimonials

    • Market yourself


      5. Information Marketing



      Information marketing is an actual trend for those people who trying to earning online right now. There is a gigantic demand for quality information on a variety of different topics, and you can use sites like Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle instantly publish & profit from your e-books and audio courses online.

      With these tips, any one of you can become a publisher of high quality information products. To get on track with this business model, you need to choose a niche market, discover what they want, and give it to them at the right value.

      How To Get Started

      You have to understand starting an online business does not have to be problematical. As long as you track one of these 5 business models you can have your own online business that gives you the profits you deserve and the freedom to live anywhere you want.

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      Friday, May 2, 2014

      How to Prevent Hair Loss


      hair loss

      Dear readers this article has especial focus for the people who are suffering from Hair loss regularly. Hair loss problem has been very common problem among youths allover the world. A number of tips and treatment is coming regularly for solving hair loss problem, but still not fully success because people don’t know the real cause of baldness. There are no more guarantees that you can overcome hair loss, that is genetically programmed or hair loss caused by hereditary factors not within your personal control. However, you can do the best by your hair at all stages to give it the greatest chance of staying in top condition and not leaving your head sooner than it needs to. There are large numbers of tips you can do to take best care of your hair. Here I am discussing tips to over come hair loss problem. Using these tips, all pattern of baldness might be treated.

      Let a fresh understanding regarding hair loss,

      Hair fall has multiple reasons, including daily diet, mineral and vitamins deficiency, regular medications, high stress, pollution, and even genetics. Wearing helmets and caps can also increase hair fall.

      Up to 1/3rd of the population suffers from hair loss, and of that third, thousands are females. Whatever the reason of hair fall that might be worrying you, it's very important to understand clearly what is hair loss. How hair grows and what you could be doing before starting hair loss even becomes a problematic issue for you. In this article, you'll find out all three major answers, as well as some short useful advice on what to do if hair fall does become an problematic issue for you.

      Steps 1 Take care of your hair

      hair dye

      Hair drying

      Never subject your hair to frequent, constant heating and drying procedures. Heat weakens hair proteins, Minimize the usage of hair dryers; burned scalps can permanently damage your hair follicles! Ultimately, natural drying is best for you hair .

      Hair dyeing

      Keep slow down on the dyeing. Don’t color your hair more often than 5 to7 weeks. While in you society many well-meaning comments about not needing to look older than you are, off course this ageist "beauty before health" slant overlooks the real value of having your hair at all!

      Hairstyle (Traction alopecia)

      You should be careful how you style your hair. Some styles that must require tight pulling and elastics, clips, etc. can be a reason of hair loss if done on a regular basis. For example, tight ponytails, braiding tightly, cornrows, and plaits, can lead to significant hair fall when done daily. Be aware with layering styles that lose a lot of your hair

      Step 2nd Wash your hairs

      hair care

      Dirty hair is most likely to get infected and most likely to fall – so keep your hair clean regularly. Buy Best-quality shampoo (mild shampoo) and hair products (conditioner, hair serum).When you shampoo your hair, more concentrate on the hair scalp and hair roots. When applying a hair conditioner or hair serum, it is better to concentrate on the ends of your hair. Clean hair will give the impression of more volume than dirty hair, which tends to sit flatter and more parted than clean hair.

      Combing your hair or rough toweling when it’s wet

      You must avoid brushing your wet hair. A lot of hair that could still be growing regular gets affected combing your wet hair. If you must comb wet hair, only use a wide-toothed comb. Also, avoid brushing hair too frequently as doing so can injure your hair and increase fall. Rubbing hair vigorously should be avoided with a towel, after washing it. This can also lead to hair breakage. When your hair is dried, use a soft-bristled brush to brush it.

      Step 3rd Get your stress under control

      good sleep

      Stress affects all of your body, and most likely, your hair is no exception. Be sure to get adequate sleep, the restorer of good health. Be punctual for exercise regularly. it is good as a stress reduction strategy, regular physical activity also encourages better circulation of blood, including for your hair scalp.

      Step 4th Eat your way to top form hair.

      healty food

      Healthy body is more likely to have healthy hair than an unhealthy one. It is possible that hair loss can be slowed by a healthy nutrition. A balanced diet can help prevent or reverse hair loss when it’s cause by nutritional deficiencies, but supplements can also be useful. The principal nutrients involved in healthy hair growth are vitamin A, certain B vitamins, biotin, vitamin C, copper, iron and zinc. Sufficient protein and water intake are also important.

      Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and biotin, Vitamin C: A vitamin-C Vitamin

      Step 5th Avoid such food that can inhibit hair growth, which encourage hair loss.

      low calori food

      There are some eating habits, which you should not do in order to avoid hair loss rapidly. Following things can harm your hair and bring start your hair falls.

      • A very low-calorie liquid diets.
      • Eating raw egg whites.

      Step 6th Consider food supplements

      food suppliments

      You should consult with your medical practitioner first before using any food supplement, but you might like to consider using supplements to prevent hair loss. The ingredients of supplements must be include biotin, inositol, iron, vitamin C, and saw palmetto. 

      Step 7th Hair thinning test (Tug test)


      "Tug test", testing whether or not you're suffering from hair fall can be done. Take a small bunch of hair, about 20-30 hairs, and hold it between your thumb and your index finger. Pull you hair slowly but firmly; if more than six hairs come out at the same time, you may have a hair loss problem. 

      Step 8th Start treatments if you have hair loss problem confirmed


      You should take first line of defense is accurate diagnosis, because temporary hair fall usually remedies itself, or can be treated with any specific therapy or treatments. However, for ongoing hair fall, treatments you might like to consider include.

      Some medications might slow down the rate of hair fall or even prevent hair loss. For both sex, Minoxidil (Rogaine) is using to treat hair fall, Minoxidil is sprayed onto the scalp twice daily and arrests hair fall and may even cause regrowth in a few people. A new generation Finasteride used as an oral, drug to treat hair loss. Finasteride works in about 60 percent of male who take it.

      HRT. This may work for some females. However, you advised to discuss the ins and outs of taking HRT with your doctor.

      Try to get a hair transplant. Micro-transplants might use for male-pattern baldness. This consists of small transplants oh hairs, one or two hairs at a time and it appears just like natural.

      Try hair restoration surgery. This is the transplantation or redistribution of hair.

      You could consider laser treatment. Try laser therapy, which may stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to hair follicles

      Sunday, April 27, 2014

      How to start your Business


      If I had……………………………………, I would have been a successful entrepreneur

      The blank in the title is not a printing error; it is an expression of disappointment and disgust from a large number of people who have not made it as a successful entrepreneur. I have interacted with 5000 startups, professionals and students, of all age and if there is I thing that’s make a difference between a successful and an average company. It’s the never-say die of the entrepreneur.

      So what are the things people usually need to fill the blanks?

      • Money
      • Team
      • Office, infrastructures and miscellaneous items





      If I had money, I would have grown much faster, but investors do not support my idea-this has been the most frequent complaints as well as reason I have come across. When I ask them, “How many investor have you met and how many banks have you applied for bank loan?” the answer is usually 0! Money does not make a business successful, but it is definitely a very important part of business. So if you feel the need of money, reach out the investor, make a good business plan, and polish your pitch. Reach out of people who believe your idea, and are willing to back you even with a small amount-1-2 lakhs is as important as 1-2 crores. Do not forget that the most important source of cash in your customer- make him happy.




      I recently met an excited young man. Who was little disturbed as his venture was going nowhere. I asked him why, and this is what told me, “if only I could clone myself- I need someone as energetic and passionate as I am,” Wow-you should thank your parents for your birth but can not go back to them to give you another brother or sister like you! Go out, network, meet people, take part in exhibitions, attend business plane competitions, share your vision with friends and ask for acquaintances, post your requirements in Linkedin, or tie up with someone who can do some part of your job-but keep moving. There are few people who also doubt their own abilities. Like finance, marketing etc. for them. I advise them to start working on these areas, and learn the art of selling financial review with CA friend etc. and keep learning regular.

      Office, infrastructures and miscellaneous items

      I call these the ‘hygiene factors’-the just add to the comfort level of an entrepreneur in their ventures -but do not any real value to customers. Neither does their absence lead to any real issues. Remember, some of the great companies were started in garage- Apple, Hp, Microsoft. Even Facebook, the biggest sensation of internet world, was started in a hostel room. So keep an eye on the big picture without under complaints about what you do not have. It is the pride of creating a solution that the world will use happily, that make a successful entrepreneur- so get down and start up.,

      Dear readers a really humble thanks for appreciating me. I always care of my followers. for better understanding or entrepreneur let see these article also

      Saturday, April 26, 2014

      How to start a mobile app Business venture!

      mobile phone app
      Dear readers this article is a splendor way for the newbie individuals, especially who wish to start their own mobile app venture or app business. It’s very simple to start but before you go to start an app business please go through my all previous and latest article related to entrepreneur.
      As you well known, world is going mobile! Nearly 85 % of people are using mobile connections world wide. Very frequently new applications are driving the usages and growth of mobiles, which is no longer a talking device-it, is a digital camera, a clock, a radio and it is the next handy computer and many more things! And day by day it is giving birth to new words like ‘appification’, ‘appnomy’ etc. which show the interest in the general public and media. It also gives aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to come out with new applications and ways to solve customer problems using mobiles. So let us learn the five basics of how to start a mobile app business venture;

      step-1 What does it take?

      To create an personnel app, you need to have an interesting idea. It can be based on customer support. For example, phone book app has remained the same for last 27 years- with little innovation. Here a question arises,Is there a way in which phone books app can be improved gently to give more relevant information about your friends and relatives?

      step-2 Well Understanding,Fine distribution and innovative sales channels

      Friends there are lot of apps available in market regarding to each useful category,even any app can be downloaded using app stores like Ovi or Nokia app store. Start-ups can also tie up with operators like Vodafone and share revenues generated from customers. Content aggregators like Onward Mobility also play a part in bringing apps to customers via their extensive relationships. Original equipment manufacturers (example Nokia, Samsung and Micromax,),  can also be tied up for pre-embedding your apps with their handsets. So you have to know other innovative ways to sell your personnel apps, which may include Companies like Onward Mobility based world wide. It sells apps via a retail channel of shopkeepers or app contractor!

      step-3 Modern Technology options

      mobile app
      Do you know there are various modern platforms to develop your personnel apps, including Android, Symbian/QT, J2ME, Bada, Windows etc. Each has got its merits and demerits, which could include ease of learning the programming languages, availability of latest hardware/software support for testing apps, or porting from one to another platform. So it is also very essential to know you , It is also important that the team has basic understanding of programming languages like Java, C and C++.

      step-4 Mass app or Class app?

      If you got an aggregate idea about existing apps world wide, Even there are millions of apps existing (productivity app like time management, entertainment apps for music etc. and can be categorized more over more) it becomes difficult to choose for an entrepreneur what to do.
      As a start-up of your own personnel app venture , you have need to focus these points.
      • Do you want to build a modern mass app or a modern class app?
      • On what kind of consumers you are targeting?
      Some multinational companies build an app a day, while others take years to build it, to which consumers and investors react well. For example, Apalya Technologies, Hyderabad India, has built an app that allows you to watch live TV on your Smartphone or  mobile itself!

      step-5 Latest Marketing strategy

      How to promote your personnel app in saturated app market world wide. Infect every day companies launch latest app in market
      There is various ways to marketing your app- Digital media like internet (Google, Facebook, yahoo, google+) and other media like bulk SMS marketing are good platforms to promote your app. You can also generate good leads PR if you make a great app,— journalists like it enough to write it..
      Mobile Developer Forums are also a innovated way to connect and spread the messages. Also, apps can be copyrighted, so don’t worry about app-theft! for batter understanding how to market your app?
      see these most informative articles also.

      Tuesday, April 22, 2014

      How to start an internet venture?

      internet marketing
      Dear readers’ this article is especially for the individuals, who wish to start their own internet venture. Right now you should know the basic strategy of internet venture. With more and more newbie having access to computers and internet, there are increasing opportunities to start an internet venture. While the cost of starting have come down. It is important to keep some of the basics in the mind before plunging in to internet entrepreneurship.
      For better understanding of entrepreneurship read this article.
      What an idea……….ENTREPRENEURSHIP!
      · Who is my customer?
      There are 10+ crore newbie’s in India who have access to internet, but not all of them are your customers, it becomes important to identify, classify and focus on your customer and accordingly model your business around it. The design of your website, language (English, Hindi, Urdu etc), usability your business. Customers can be individuals or even other businesses (e.g. Indiamart). Try to visualize how your customer will use your website and what problem will it solve for them.
      · What is the revenue model?

      Most common assumption in starting a website business is that you will start earning advertising money as soon as your website is up. However, attracting advertisers requires you to attract customers first – and that is what you should work from starting itself. Revenue model can include product sales ( for example Flipkart), led generation (lxigo), merchandising ( Myntra), listing fees (JustDial) etc. you may also decide to have the website as a showcase of your products or services, and not sell things online (corporate websites) or use it to build a brand to conduct events etc. offline.
      · Create it!
      It takes 500-1000 Rs approximately to buy the website name and another 500-1000 Rs approximately to buy a hosting space for your website. Advance packages may vary and you can also use cloud computing to keep your capital costs low in the beginning. Depending on the complexity of business, number of users, transactions per users etc. you can decide upon the technology to users, transactions per users etc. You can decide upon the technology to use (ranging from .net, java, PHP, mySQL etc.). Basic pages can be created even for free with 2-3 days of practice on Wordpress and advance development can be done by team members or outsourced to developers. If there is product sale through the website, then you also need to look at other aspect of business including product procurement pricing, quality, delivery, payment gateway integration and customer service desk etc.
      · Sell it!
      Sales is like a bicycle, you have to keep pedaling otherwise you fall down! Once the first usable version of your website is up (also known as beta version), you can start sharing with potential customers and increasing your site visits. Techniques like search engine optimization (SIO), so your business can be found on Google. Link-building, directory submissions etc. can also give you insight on what is working and what is not working. Social media like Facebook, twitter etc can also be used for spreading the word. But remember, there is no advertising as powerful as a satisfied customer who will refer you-so build brand ambassadors out of your customers. for better understanding please these article also
      New Age Internet Marketing
      Why is entrepreneurship growing now?

      Sunday, April 20, 2014

      Best Athletes Diet Plan

      How Much Carbohydrate is Needed?

      Do you know? How much different is an athlete’s diet from any other normal person’s eating habits? How to enhance athletic performance? What is the best diet for an Athlete? Perhaps these questions race through your minds while watching athletes potentially dashing across playing fields or TV shots—be it track events, soccer, football, basketball, cricket, racing, hockey, weightlifting or swimming. Let’s consider a look at how much and how many carbohydrates (A form of energy) an athlete needs to include in the diet every day to stay on top form for peak performance.
      Based on scientific research, a healthy adult athlete requires 5 to 7g of carbohydrate per kilogram body weight, while a normal individual requires 7 to 10g of carbohydrate per kg body weight and each gram of carbohydrate produces only 4 units of calories (energy). Such a huge amount of carbohydrate is required by an athlete because it promotes several basic roles in the body such as providing energy for regular working muscles, to the central nervous system (Brain), enhancing the metabolism of fat for production of energy and preventing protein from being utilized for calories (energy). These functions are directly proportional to the top performance of a health athlete.
      food sources of Carbohydrates such as grains, fresh fruits, milk and its products. Fresh vegetables contain a very small amount of carbohydrates. Just after digestion carbohydrates enter the blood stream in the form of glucose (energy) and glucose that is not utilized through body, is stored in the form of glycogen in the muscular tissues and liver. During exercise or hard work the blood glucose is utilized first and then only next the glycogen stores are tapped into.
      Glucose is the exclusive energy compound for the central nervous system because it fuels our nerve cells. Dizziness, weakness, physical and mental fatigue are experienced when there is a lack of carbohydrate during exercise or hard work because of the low levels of glucose (energy).
      However, your body can store only 2000 calories worth of glucose (body fuel) in the form of glycogen and this is the only reason why carbohydrate is known as the limiting fuel in physical performance.
      Simple carbohydrates in the diet are for examples of food containing simple sugars are candy, soda, sugar and milk.
      Complex carbohydrates in the diet take much longer to be digested in the body, for examples of complex carbohydrates are bread, pasta, grains, grams, fresh fruits and vegetables. The fiber components in these foods are what cause very slow digestion.
      How much Carbohydrate is needed Pre, during and Post Workout?
      Carbohydrate needs for an individual vary for different sports. An endurance event will need more energy than a short duration event. Type of carbohydrate to be given can be determined by its glycemic index.

      What is Glycemic Index (GI)? Low GI Multigrain breads, brown rice, egg, fish, meat, chicken, prunes, figs, milk, most fruits and vegetables except potato, watermelon, grapes
      Medium GI Whole wheat, sweet potato
      High GI Sugar, chocolate, rice flakes, rice, white rice, potatoes, white bread
      Recent Trends in Carbohydrate Requirements for Physical Activity
      No doubt that carbohydrates are an essential source of energy for an healthy athlete to perform peak well. There is evidence of the benefits of carbohydrates on exercise (or hard work) lasting longer than 90 minutes. However, some studies and researches have also proved good performance in endurance activity after adapting to a low carbohydrate diet. But if it is a very short duration intense exercise like sprinting, studies and recent researches have shown that performance suffered on a low carbohydrate diet.
      Recent studies and researches proved, when planning a diet for an healthy athlete, carbohydrates should be moderated whether in the form of food or sports drinks based on the 5-7g/kg body weight or 7-10g/ kg body weight requirement for adults or the 6-9 g/kg body weight for healthy male children and 3-5.5 g/kg body weight for healthy female children.
      It has been proved that carbohydrates provide energy (calories) for day to day activities and also for exercise. You will find a wide range of carbohydrate foods to choose from, depending on the healthy athlete’s needs. While making food choices fiber content, glycemic index, type of sugar and time of consumption must be taken into consideration for the best results on the field.

      Friday, April 18, 2014

      Why is entrepreneurship growing now?

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      India has always been a nation of entrepreneurs- there are more than tow crore Indians who run their own business, whether in cities or in villages. But what is interesting to note is that entrepreneurship is no longer the last choice of India’s youth- it is quickly taking a pride position among other choice like Engineer, Doctor, and Manager.50% of India’s population is below 25 years of age. The county’s GDP is growing by>8% after years of 2% growth rates, with nearly half of GDP contribution coming from entrepreneurs. The government, society, colleges and media have started to recognize that is going to make a difference. The other factors include access to internet and telecom, success of Indian entrepreneurs globally and ease of starting a business in new industries like mobile, education and healthcare.
      What is the future of entrepreneurship?
      Entrepreneurship is her to stay, survive and thrive-and all of us can be enablers in this revolution. Let us give our youth 1 year to prove themselves and we will see the real India rising. Our future heroes will be social entrepreneurs, agri-entrepreneurs, defense entrepreneurs, and many more

      How is it different from being an employee?

      The employee’s attitude is “can I” –can I do this, can I go there, can I modify company policies, can I launch a new product, and can I explore new markets? Even our small children are taught to ask in school, “can I go to toilet?’-why should a kid suffer pressures in the name of good manners! The entrepreneur’s attitude is “I CAN”-I can do this I can go there, I can launch product, I can explore new markets! This “I CAN” attitude is what we should teach our kids so they grown up to Tatas, Ambanis and Murthys.
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      What an idea……….ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

      Entrepreneurship in India’s 21st century
      In over 60 years of the India’s independence, we have witnessed a gradual transition in society. The 20th century heroes were India’s soldiers and farmers- the ones who protect and the ones who feed! With India’s growing supremacy on the global stages in 21st century. It is the era of an ENTERPRENURE. It is the entrepreneur in the shape of a Narayan Murthy who brings smiles to families of lakes of Indians, in the body of Rattan Tata who makes a Nano to make travel simple, in the size of a kishore Biyani who brings Big Bazaar for families to by stuff of their choice or the color of an Ambani who changes industry. Let us explore the basics of entrepreneur.
      What is entrepreneurship?
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      Entrepreneurship  is a state of mind- it is not a profession, it is not a business! it is about generating ideas, identifying an opportunity, creating solutions and reaching to customer. It is about creating a difference rather than creating products. When Narayan Murthy decided to start Infosys, he did not to do it to create good software-it was to create the software industry. The first step towards entrepreneurship is to realize and identify your inner potential and strive to achieve it.